Business Website – Modern way to showcase businesses

Website is an essential part of all the present-day firms to showcase their businesses. From miniature start-up businesses worth a few hundred bucks to giant multinational companies, all use a unique website to showcase their businesses in this digital era. But what is a website or business website? Have you ever used a website? Keep reading to understand the idea of a website, from basic websites to the latest tech-equipped websites.

No matter, you’re living in which part of the world. If you have ever used a smartphone, laptop, or PC, then you must be familiar with the name “Google.” That means you have witnessed website user experience as Google is also a special kind of website used to search other websites or web pages on the internet.

One web page or collection of related web pages attached with a central domain name or IP address is a website.

In 1991, British computer scientist Tim Berner Lee created the world wide web (www) and 1st ever website. Besides that, he also introduced the Hypertext concept that later on caused a revolution in the digital world by letting us interlink multiple websites or web pages.

From 1991 to 2021, we have come a long way. Today, websites are more advanced and easier to go with intelligent developing techniques. The easiness of developing and accessing the website helps to grow the internet size rapidly. Today, nearly 1.7 billion websites are part of the internet, and the number fluctuates with each passing minute.

The difference among web page, website, web server, search engine, and browsers

To move further towards our main topic, we need a proper understanding of the website. And the way the internet interacts with a website.

Web page – A Web page is an HTML-supported document that can be displayed on a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Baidu, AOL, Bing, etc. Each web page of a website has a unique web address. We can access a specific web page of a website directly by hitting the unique web address of that web page. You can see a particular web page address from the browser URL bar, as shown below, About us web page address of Dissoftware.

Website – A website is a web page or number of web pages bound to a single and unique domain name or IP address. Several types of websites are there to use for varying purposes.

A website has a unique domain name/web address that we use to access a specific website from millions of other sites on the internet. The web address of a loaded website can be seen in the URL bar of the browser. We have highlighted the Dissoftware web address below,

There are many types of Websites. Various websites are designed for different purposes like for news, entertainment, personal blogs, teach & learn, etc.

Web server – Web server is a computer or number of interlinked computers generally with high processing speed and data storage capacity that host a website.

Search engines – Search engines are websites that let us find a unique web page or web address from the internet space. Google, Ask, Bing, and Yahoo are some of the famous search engines.

Browser – Browsers are specially designed software that renders HTML (computer language) to display websites ultimately.

Webpages, websites, web servers, and search engines are different but inter-linked things. When users try to access a website, they interact with all of the above-listed things.

Don’t mix web browsers and search engines, both of them are different things, but a website is browser-dependent to display the web pages. Search engines are websites used to find a specific web page or website with their unique domain name or web address. Meanwhile, browsers are the intermediate software that lets us interact with the websites on the internet. Google Chrome, UC Browser, Opera, Safari, Firefox, etc., are a few of the popular Browsers. Browsers are usually categorized into three types as enlisted below,

  • General Web Browsers
  • Niche-Specific Web Browsers
  • Video Browsers

General Web Browsers

General web browsers are Web browsers that let us access all sorts of active websites in the internet space irrespective of their niche. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu are the few of the most used and reputed general web browsers.

Each general web browser has some branded features for its users. That makes them better for some users and not for others. Like, DuckDuckGo is famous for its private browsing experience. In this digital world, when intelligent devices and multiple artificial intelligence applications have better knowledge of our personalities than we do, it’s too tough and complicated to protect our privacy. But DuckDuckGo is there to provide a private & secure browsing experience.


Irrespective of features, General web browsers can be distinguished by the following perspectives,

  • Platform – A web browser could be uni-platform or cross-platform supported. Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac are some of the popular platforms or operating systems. Cross-platform supported web browsers are dominating the market because of their flexibility to use with multiple operating systems. Google Chrome, UC Browsers, Opera, Vivaldi, and Mozilla Firefox are a few of the top-line cross-platform supported web browsers.
  • Protocols – HTTP, FTP, SFTP, and IMAP are a few of the critical protocols needed by browsers to display all the website features. Absence of any of the above-listed protocols bars browsers from showcasing all the functions for most of the sites. Top-line browsers continuously update the browser to equipped their browser with the latest protocols.
  • Responsiveness – With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, responsiveness has become one of the main factors that can disturb the popularity of a web browser. UC Browser captures the vast market by providing a responsive browsing experience with the UC Browser app.

  • HTML 5 – HTML 5 is the latest version of the hypertext markup language launched in early 2008. From that day, the induction of HTML 5 started in a lot of existing and new websites. That’s why it’s a critical factor for browsers to support HTML 5.


Let’s have a look at different top-line browsers compatibility levels with HTML 5 elements in the below image,

HTML5 Compatibility

Niche-Specific Web Browsers

Niche-specific web browsers or dedicated web browsers are the browsers that facilitate their users to find the narrow niche-specific websites instead of all the websites on the internet. Such browsers focus on providing a better experience with quality results by targeting a specific niche. Like education is a niche and, if you’re looking to find quality data for education & research purposes from reputed educational sites, then you may try an education-specific browser. Some of the top education-specific browsers are enlisted below,

Google Scholar

Video Browsers

Video browsers – Video browsers provide dedicated services for video searching to their users. Video browsers are gaining popularity with each passing day. Some of the popular video search engines are enlisted below,

Can anyone make a website?

Is there any licensing scenario to make a website like launching a TV or radio channel requires a license? No, you don’t need a permission letter from any authority to create a website. Any person can make a website by buying a domain name and hosting service. If you are a newbie and looking for a professional and highly converting business website, you may contact a website development company to save your time & money.

Different types of websites

Information Technology has witnessed the fastest evolution in present world history. Today creating a platform responsive website with hundreds of web pages is too easy and cheap compared to building a website in the last decade.

With the evolution of websites, we have witnessed a notable increase in the types of websites. Now you may have seen different websites on the internet to meet the varying targets.

We have prepared a well-researched list of different types of websites with examples to enlighten the concept of a website for varying audiences.

Personal websites

Personal websites are one of the most straightforward websites you may witness on the internet. Personal websites are developed for a particular person. Where that person can share the daily life stories via blogs. Personal websites work as an open diary that anyone on the internet can access. Now, it’s your choice, what you want to share or not with the audience.

Besides that, you can build a personal website as a resume to showcase your professional achievements. You can look at the personal resume base website of Tony D’Orio that brilliantly showcases his work and achievements.

Tony Orio

SMB Website

A large number of total live business websites represent Small-medium business websites. As small-medium scale businesses are playing an immense role in the global economy so, the number of active SMB websites is increasing, in the same way, to digitalize small and medium scale businesses.


SMB websites usually have ten twenty web pages. For SMB websites, you can look at local merchants, doctors, beauty salons, and hospitals sites.

Look at Southern Nevada-based Focus Mental Health for a small-medium scale business website.

Corporate Website

Corporate websites are designed for multinational companies or giant corporations with thousands of employees and tens of departments. Corporate websites are too complex to develop because of thousands of interlinked web pages with varying information for various department employees or customers.

Apple site is an example of corporate websites.

 Website of Apple

One Page Website (Landing page sites)

One page or landing page website is one of the most used websites in the present-day scenario. Generally, landing pages or one-page sites are used for marketing purposes with a call-to-action design.


Marketers used single-page sites to promote a specific service or product or for creating leads. Check out Google Shopping for one of the best simple, clean and attractive one-page sites. 


Google shopping is a one-page e-commerce store that displays the advertiser’s products.


E-commerce – who does not know eCommerce after the astonishing success of Amazon, AliExpress, and Alibaba. E-commerce sites are used to sell physical or virtual products or services anywhere in the world. You can find from one-page E-commerce sites to corporate-level eCommerce sites on the internet.

Branding Website

Branding websites are trending nowadays. You can build a branding site to showcase your biography. Successful people like celebrities, politicians, YouTubers and social media influencers create a branding website to secure their official digital presence. Besides that, branding sites are a great tool to keep in touch with your followers, promote a specific idea, or promote yourself.


It is a great idea to secure your digital presence now under the domain name

Look at Tai Lopez for an inspirational live branding site design example. 


Portfolio website

Portfolio websites are used to showcase professional achievements visually by adding up a catchy portfolio. The link to the Portfolio site is added to resume, linked in profile, or freelance marketplace profiles to attract potential clients. Look at Christina Vanessa for a professional graphic designer & visual communicator portfolio site.


Christina Vanessa

Resume website

Resume sites are pretty similar to personal and portfolio websites. The main difference among them is the point of focus. Resume sites comprehensively focus on all the past work experiences to represent a strong CV by the web platform. For an inspirational resume website, look at Brooke Smith – a professional project manager resume site.

Entertainment Website

Entertainment sites are created with the sole intention of entertainment via dramas, seasons, movies, sports, etc. Entertainment sites have great potential to attract a large audience and earn thousands of bucks by offering quality content.

ESPN Cricinfo is an example of a highly converting sport-based entertainment website.


News website

News as the name renders itself. News sites are designed with a dynamic design to absorb continuous updates and handle thousands of web pages. CNN and BBC are some examples of top-notch news sites. News sites playing a critical role to connect the world by giving voice to third-world countries. News sites have a distinct impact on the transformation of the world as a better place to live.

CNN website is powered by DIS SOFTWARE

Media website

Media websites are pretty similar to news sites. The main difference between media and news sites is the point of focus. News sites focus on news, while media sites have a little broader view. Media sites are a blend of news and entertainment sites. BuzzFeed is an example of a media website.

Political websites

Political websites – as the name, explain itself. Such sites are specially designed to focus on political activities, local & international politics by presenting quality analysis and interviews via blogs and videos. Politico is a prime example of a political web.

Governmental website

Governmental sites are the official sites of countries, states, or provinces. Look at the fine example of the US government website for a better understanding of the concept.

Educational websites

Educational websites are there to educate a specific subject to their audience. Educational websites are offering free or paid virtual courses to their targeted audiences. Udemy is a prime example of a well-reputed educational site that offers hundreds of free and paid virtual courses globally.

Charity websites

Charity or non-profit businesses also need a site to secure their social presence. Charity businesses, NGOs, and non-profit businesses use the specially designed charity website. 

Charity Water is a prime example of such a site.

Web portals

Web portals, as the name, explained are portals of specific information gathered from multiple sources (websites) for certain people.  Generally, web portals are used by educational institutions and corporate offices to give limited access to data to particular people.

Web portal requires to sign up to access the portal content

Community Forums

Community forums are specially designed sites that let us build a digital space where all members share their issues, thoughts, ideas, and more to lay the foundation of a healthy society. Reddit is the prime example of a community forum.

Blogging Site

You may have visited hundreds of blogging sites from the millions of blog sites on the internet. Blogging sites are a popular way to share niche-specific informative blogs/articles. There are many ways to earn up to few thousand bucks via a blogging site.

Look at Taylor Stanford for an inspiring example of a blogging site.

Catalogue Website

Catalogue websites are like sub-website of a company. Catalogue websites are used like a brochure where companies highlight a few specific services or products instead of all products or services.

Companies use these sites to secure their digital presence by showcasing their primary services or products to potential clients.

Crowdfunding website

Crowdfunding sites are specially designed sites with the sole purpose to raise funds for any specific mission. Crowdfunding sites are helping thousands of needy people and people with the vision to achieve their unique goals.

Kickstarter is a prime example of a crowdfunding website.

Social media sites

Social media sites are one of the most used websites on the internet. Social media sites are designed to let people socialize by sharing their thoughts via text, images, or videos and interacting with other people’s stories. FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Snapchat are a few well-reputed social media sites.

Search Engines

Search engines are the websites that let us find the specific website from millions of sites with a unique domain name, IP, or related keywords.

GoogleYahoo, and Bing are examples of top-notch search engines.

Wikis Sites

Wikis are the sites that let general people add a web page or edit an existing web page. The sole purpose of wikis websites is to provide uncensored and quality content to the general public.

Wikipedia is a well-known example of a wiki website. You can find hundreds of other niche-specific wikis sites on the internet.

Video streaming sites

Video streaming sites are designed to showcase videos like movies, seasons, etc., for the sole purpose of entertainment.

Netflix and Amazon Prime are dominant sites in this category.

Photo sharing websites

Photo-sharing sites are pretty popular these days. Photo-sharing sites let people share their life stories via photos. Besides that, photo-artist share their stock photos on such sites for their branding. These sites are turning into the largest photos database. One can find an image on such sites by just writing a keyword.

Pixabay and Pexels are a few prime examples of photo-sharing websites.

Business Directories

Business directories, as the name renders by itself, these sites work as a database of business leads. Such sites let you help in finding a particular business in a specific location.

Yellowpages and Yelp are prime examples of business directories.

Review websites

Review sites are designed with the sole purpose to review specific niche services or products. You can find multiple review websites for particular niche products or services.

Like IMDB is a popular review site for the movies-specific niche. You can find the review of nearly all movies on IMDB.

Question & Answer websites

Question and answer sites let you ask any question or answer other people’s questions. These websites require signup to post a question or answer.

You can find multiple niche-specific or niche-free question & answer sites. Quora is a well-known example of a question & answer site.

Job websites

Digitalization has impacted each part of our life, like finding a job was never as easy as job sites have made it. Job sites are equally beneficial for both job seekers and employers. Businesses post vacancies on the job sites or choose already published resumes on such sites for job interviews. Indeed and LinkedIn are the top-notch sites of this category.

Coupon Websites

Have you ever experienced browsing coupon websites? If not, you are going to love these sites. Coupon sites, as the name, explain themselves. These sites are in the market with the sole purpose to offer coupons for multiple websites and a diverse range of products & services.

GROUPON is the leading website in this category. Check it now if you are looking to enter in coupon websites business.

Affiliate websites

Affiliate websites are designed to make money by marketing existing physical or virtual store products or services. From a small eCommerce store to E-com giants like Amazon lets you do affiliate marketing through such websites.

You can make an affiliate website for targeted niche products or services. A successful affiliate website can earn you enough for a good living.

Webmail Sites

Webmail sites are designed to send & receive e-mails. Gmail and yahoo are top-notch examples of webmail sites.

Auction web

Auction websites, as the name defines, auction websites auction specific products. Auction websites are usually niche-based, targeting a particular audience group by offering an auction of a particular range of products.

GoDaddy and Hostinger are prime examples of auction sites that deal in the domain name and hosting service.

A wide range of websites can be found on the internet. If you are looking for a simple, highly converting WordPress website with UI and UX design, contact a professional website development company to get a quote.

Do I need a business website?

The question arises in many minds that have successfully established a small or medium-scale business without a website. What’s changed now that makes it essential to have a business website? And, now thinking, Do I need a business website? Yes, the answer is yes, you should develop a business website to enjoy the astonishing benefits of growing your business faster than ever.

The impact of a website’s digital presence is increasing with each passing day because of the continuously growing internet users globally. It would be best to stay in the competition by developing a website for your business to capture the digital market with massive potential. Getting a website for your business can apply a multiplying factor to your revenue.

To get convinced that your business, irrespective of the niche, needs a website. Let’s look at the top-notch advantages your business can enjoy with securing a digital presence with a website.

Professional view

In the present day, people look for a website to check the authenticity of a business. A website helps you to attain a professional view of your business.

Besides that, it helps to move a step ahead in setting up a brand value for your business. You can get branded emails with a business domain name. Websites have an enormous impact on the branding of your business.

An opportunity to gain new customers

Websites help your business to maximize your business reach to new potential clients. Through Google, your business will get hundreds of new customers that will boost your business by enabling you to multiply your revenue.

With time, Website SEO brings fruitful results to your business doorstep, as quality SEO will rank your business website at Google and other search engine’s top pages to ultimately get you more traffic without any advertisement budget.

A perfect way to showcase Your services/products

Business Website lets you perfectly showcase your products or services with stunning photos & videos. It is said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Websites allow you to boost your business potential by showcasing your services or products via stunning photos and videos.

Have a look at Brookfield Place – a New York-based restaurant. How brilliantly they are using a business website to showcase their food items.

But I’m running a physical business; how can I need a business website?

A physical or location-specific business needs for a website is similar to virtual businesses. With a physical business website, you can attract clients of nearby locations to come to your business doorstep searching for quality. Besides that, it will be a founding step towards the branding of your business.

It doesn’t matter you are running a physical or virtual business. In both cases, you need a business website to boost your business.


Business websites let you earn credibility for your business. It helps to demonstrate your services or products with one tone for all audiences.

Your business is not the only option in your niche. To compete with the others, you need a website that shows all the services and products with well-structured descriptions and charges. The customers feel comfortable after getting a view of written descriptions and charges.

Potential Leads

More than half of the present world’s population is using the internet actively. And, the number is continuously increasing with each passing minute. Websites let you showcase your business before nearly 59.5% of the global population.

People interested in your business will visit your site and interact with your showcased products and services. Whether they have purchased your services or not, they will leave their footprints (contact info) behind on your site. You can use build a massive database of potential client contacts. And can approach them individually with new attractive offers to get some sales.

The sole benefit of getting potential leads is enough to convince yourself to develop or buy a ready to launch WordPress site to boost your business.

Testimonials matters

Testimonials or reviews matter for general people. Good or bad reviews can change any business fortune. Websites permit you to brag a little by showcasing the excellent reviews of customers regarding your services or products.

Suppose a well-reputed third-party website writes an excellent review regarding your products or services. In that case, you can share that on your website to attract maximum clients that will ultimately boost your business to the next level.

Look at the following Testimonials on  STEAMLabs – a Canadian Artificial intelligence educator’s site.

What if your business at somewhere in a tourist spot? Tourists visit Google or any other web to find and book particular services or products with many positive reviews. You should get a business website asap to enhance your business.

We’re one click away from you; hit on contact us if you’re interested in getting a professional business website in no time.

Easy to approach

Business websites let you display your business address and contact information on the footer or header of the site. Footer and header stay still on each page of the website with your contact information. It makes it superbly easy for customers to approach you for any query.

Let have a look at the contacts enriched header and footer of Dissoftware – a leading web development company.

Besides that, contact info on each page of a well-structured website lure viewers to contact the business handlers for a quote or any query.

Embed Google Map – Clients on your doorstep

It’s the 21st century, and human beings are more than busy ever in history. No one has enough time to find a new business location for some shopping. Business websites provide you with a solution by letting you integrate your business Google Map location on the website.

Now your new potential clients, who may be unfamiliar with your business area, can follow the Google Maps location to reach your doorstep in no time.

Let’s look at the Google map location displayed by Dissoftware – a leading web solution provider.

Organic Traffic

SEO Website – let your business enjoy continuous free marketing. Have you ever imagined getting hundreds or thousands of new customers on your outlet without any marketing? But you can achieve that with a search engine optimized website.

SEO sites get ranked on Google, Bing and other top-notch search engines first pages. Once your site gets a place at the top 2 to 3 pages of any popular search engine, you will get a boom in new traffic to your site that will ultimately get you an unbelievable boost in revenue.

Start creating a WordPress site for your business asap or contact us for a ready-to-launch, highly converting business site with professional UI UX design.

Establish a brand name – what people buy

We all know very well how people react to an Apple product release. We are witnessing an era where brand name matters. And websites are there to build a brand name for your business.

Websites let you get a place in the digital world. Providing quality services, products, and, most importantly, a quick and easy customer support service enables you to lay a foundation of the brand name that people live.

Get a quote to acquire a professional and highly converting WordPress site in no time. And start a new journey to establish a brand name – that people live.

Business website – More than easy to create & manage

I’m short on the budget – how can I get a business website? No worries, Dissoftware is here to provide business solutions that suit your budget. But if you do not have enough budget to buy a ready-to-launch website, you should try to build a business site by yourself. Yes, by yourself, you read it. Building a website with WordPress is as easy as one can visualize. You can quickly develop a simple WordPress site without a bit of coding work for your business.

With that, you don’t need to hire an IT expert to handle your business website, as WordPress provides you with a drag & drop admin panel that makes it superbly easy to manage a site for newbies.

Let’s look at the below image – how easy and code-free it is to add a new block on the WordPress site.

It’s wise to stay in the competition

According to a 2021 report, 59.5% of the world population is actively using the internet. It’s more than half of the world population, and the number is continuously increasing.

It will not be a wise business strategy to leave a market with such massive potential. It’s time to get a business website to be part of the digital world that is awaiting to boost your business in days.

To be a man of a long race, you should get a business website right now. Otherwise, your business will be left behind with the increasing popularity of the digital world.

Announcements – to save time

Websites enable you to announce an offer, schedule, holidays for your customers in no time. It provides a fantastic experience to customers as it saves their time. Create a site for your business asap to facilitate your customers by keeping them informed about their favorite brand each move.

Embed Social media’s – Build relation

Relation building is the most critical element behind the success of each brand. Let your customers feel your business/brand, like their own brand. Your brand will taste a new success when customers will not only buy your products or services but live your brand.

Social media is the primary tool that can help you in building a healthy relationship with your customers. Websites let you embed social media business accounts that appear on each page of the website header & footer.

Websites ultimately get a lot of new potential clients to your social media accounts. You can now engage the new potential clients by daily updates.

Hopefully, you will be sure for now after reading this blog that how important a website is for your business. Our professional team will get a simple, highly converting WordPress site with UI UX design for your business in no time. Hit on contact us for any query or to get a quote.

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