Health System Response Monitor for COVID-19

A healthcare solution for tracking and comparing the Covid-19 epidemic situation in different regions of United Kingdom.

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Health System Response Monitor for COVID-19
Health System Response Monitor for COVID-19

After we have successfully launched a project for the Ministry of Health and the Ukrainian Public Health Center, we were asked to develop a web platform for the World Health Organization's analytical needs. The platform's idea and importance lie in the necessity to have a protected digital place with relevant information on the Covid-19 epidemic situation and measures taken in different regions of the United Kingdom. Using this platform, healthcare representatives in charge of their areas can input data via an admin panel so that other specialists can compare regions on selected criteria like funding, logistics, planning, coordination, management, etc.

Industry Healthcare
Platforms Web
Role Software developer
Tech Stack PHP, Symphony, MySQL, Docker, Twig, Bootstrap, sass, Rest API,R script, React JS.
Problem Introduction

Our client needed a platform for the Covid-19 epidemic situation tracking, similar to what they already have yet adapted for the needs of one country. In our case, the country is the United Kingdom. Our task was to create a tool for analytical needs that will allow specialists to observe what epidemic fighting and preventing measures were taken in different regions of the United Kingdom and compare them with each other to see what actions were effective. Our team was required to build a complex healthcare system. It should comprise an admin panel where regional coordinators put verified information on Covid-19 situations in their regions, a back-end platform for information processing and transformation, and a website where people can see Covid-19 related information and download it as a PDF file.

Problem Introduction
Main goals

Create a mobile-friendly website with intuitive UI for governmental and public needs


Adapt the idea of the WHO website to operate with the Covid-19 situation in the United Kingdom


Develop an admin panel for regional healthcare representatives


Provide an open-source website with official information on Covid-19 fighting measures in different regions


Ensure convenient reports in PDF format


Implement automated text data converting into illustrative statistical graphs and charts

Tech Challenge

Despite the fact that it was a serious project, it wasn’t challenging for our team. This project helped us to solidify our experience in using the R script technology. All statistical and text data on the website is uploaded to the admin panel by respective regional coordinators as .doc, .xls, and .csv files. Then, with the help of the R script, the system automatically converts this data into statistical graphs and charts that users can see on the website and in the generated and downloaded PDF report. The only thing somehow challenging for us was moving the developed health response monitor system from our test servers to the governmental ones. It was challenging because it is a significant project, and no mistake was allowed, even the slightest one. We needed to achieve a flawless connection between the server, admin panel, and the website. Additionally, during our system's deployment on the governmental server, we made sure that it won't affect any other content on the server.

Tech Challenge
Core Functionality
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Our client and other healthcare specialists received an analytical tool. This tool receives data from reliable official sources and transforms it into convenient charts, graphs, and detailed PDF reports that can be downloaded for the needs of researchers, regional healthcare representatives, journalists, and others. It was really great to collaborate with such an important organization as WHO and their highly professional and disciplined specialists. Together we created and provided a product vital for the healthcare system and the citizens of the United Kingdom. After the project was finished and delivered, we also trained the staff on working with the admin panel, back-end system, and website.

Project Team
  1. 1 CTO
  2. 1 PM
  3. 1 UI/UX Designer
  4. 2 Frontend
  5. 2 Backend
  6. 2 QA engineers

1. User-friendly website, admin panel, and API. 2. Mobile-friendly website for public and governmental needs. 3. Open access to official and verified data on Covid-19 situation and measures. 4. Statistical graphs and charts on each region. 5. Close collaboration with WHO experts. 6. The product was created from scratch and released within 6 months.

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