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Cool landingpage

  • September 22, 2021

Cool Landing Pages

Taking the customers in the sales funnel is not a single-step easy process, but rather, it requires the right strategies, budget, and a lot of effort. No matter how much you spend on ads and other resources, but if you fail to impress your visitors on landing page, you can have hard times in nurturing your business. Appealing designs and a clear copy of a landing page can share your burden by driving the outside visitors to your service or products and keep them stay. Furthermore, a landing page with a custom domain can help you level up and lead to desired results. To get better outcomes in the long term, a custom domain builds the authority of the brand, makes it look more legitimate to your visitors, and enhances your chance of taking approval for paid ads.

The purpose of the landing page is to generate leads and transform visitors into customers. It is done by educating the visitors and persuading them to take the desired action. Depending on the purpose it serves, landing pages could ask for an email address, sign up to the webinar, try for a free trial, watch a video, fill-up the form, and others. The thing is not just asking but providing a reason for them to stay on the page, read the content, and do what you want them to do. A good landing page has an interesting and intuitive design that guides the visitors to the CTA button.

Keep these crucial points in mind and craft a wonderful landing page that converts. To assist you more briefly for the designing process, the following are the tips that will take you to the path of success by turning more heads towards your business, ultimately increasing your sales.


How to Create a Beautiful Landing Page That Converts

The purpose of a landing page in digital marketing is to attract and motivate visitors to navigate further. It is one of the most important aspects of marketing that has a direct effect on the conversion rate.

On your landing pages, visitors first noticed the overall design, major headings, and similar things like that. Therefore, it is paramount to follow the tips that are useful to catch the attention, help in better engagement, and steer the visitors to purchase.


  • Make a Persuasive Heading and Subheading

Wonder why so much emphasis has been put on creating a catchy headline? It’s because the visitor first read it before the content under it. And if it doesn’t attract the visitors, they will not read further, could result in losing the traffic.

Try writing an interesting heading that can grab the attention instantly and convey your message efficiently. But make it short, not more than 20 words.

If an image that explains the service or product matches with the headline, it will create a powerful combination, and in that case, you do not need much copy on your landing page.


  • Add a Powerful Call-to-Action

A good CTA always makes the prospects more interested in your products or services. It is the most crucial element of the entire page because you are doing all the hard work to drive the visitor’s attention to click the call-to-action.

Be creative and impressive for designing CTAs. It should be something interesting and persuasive, so avoid using general and boring terms. Keep the color of the button in contrast with the background and should be in a brighter or darker color to make it different and prominent.

The most famous landing pages offer free trials, which are also considered a great way to persuade the potential customer for conversion.


  • Talk About the Problem and the Solution

A good landing page has many elements which combine together to make it worth seeing. Discussing the trouble and its solution is one of the chief elements to take care of.

Just presenting your product or telling about your services is not sufficient. You need to be specific about the problem and then the solution you are offering. It will create a sense of connection and clears the confusion in the minds of the visitors. And there is the possibility that potential prospects won’t leave your landing page without taking the desired action.

The key is to provide the visitor with what they are looking for in the most compelling way. The more you make the tone simpler and clearer, the better they will understand.


  • Give a Personalized Touch

Having a great offer and not being able to promote it efficiently will not bring traffic to your page. Think about the personalization strategy as it will help you connect with your target audience that could ultimately result in conversion.

It can be done by gathering the relevant data based on geo-location, past behavior, and time. It can personalize your content, works great for the visitors. Now they can see location, time, country, or others on your beautiful landing page when they open it.


  • Responsive on all Devices

We are living in the era where most of the searches are done through mobile phones. After considering a large number of people using phones, you should also think making the landing page responsive for these portable devices.

Your visitors should be able to see all the necessary information on the landing page, therefore optimizing the page for a variety of screen sizes and devices should be the utmost priority.


  • Go for Minimal Design

When designing your landing page, make sure not to add extra elements that could overwhelm your visitors. You should also know what to add in the first section and what should be seen by the visitors when scrolling down.

The chief elements like heading, subheading, description, and call-to-action present in the first fold need to be simple and direct, leading the prospects to convert. A dense copy might be confusing that keeps them away from getting the necessary information. Bullet points can also be used to provide important details in a concise manner.

Great product landing pages are the ones that have all the crucial particulars at the right place. Your visitors already know there is more when scrolling down, so don’t hesitate to demonstrate your service or product. But keep in mind to maintain a captivating visual while providing what they need to get into the sales funnel.


  • Something for Visual Attraction

You may have an appealing and catchy copy on your landing page, but to add more value to it, use images and sales videos a these can do wonders. People are more likely to get engaged with the page when you include a video in it. A short video, 30 sec to 2-min video would be the best. It could take the visitors down to the sales funnel, so make it interesting, simple, clear, and powerful.

To keep the page clean and organized, it is crucial to use just two or three images (or it might be more as required for the long-form landing pages) that should be original, relevant, and of high quality.


  • Short Forms

As a marketer, more data of your target audience can help you in a number of ways. One of the best ways to do so is using forms, but it should be done in an effective manner. Forms collect necessary information of the visitors and play a major role in visitor conversion. But long forms that ask for unnecessary details push them not to fill it rather abandon your landing page. So keep in mind, the shorter and simpler your form, the higher the conversion rate will be.

The average time spent by the visitor on the website is just a few seconds. The most famous landing pages utilize this time efficiently and capture the attention of the target audience with a simple and minimal design page having a short form.


  • Reviews, Testimonials, and Social Proofs

These are referred to as good words, likes, shares, tweets, and others about your product or services. The real words, quotes, and pictures of delightful and satisfied clients greatly affect how your visitors see you based on your credibility.

Cool landing page conversion rates can increase if you have good reviews, and you put these in the right place. It’s because most people prefer to buy a product if it has positive reviews or is recommended by another user.

New in business and do not have big numbers to be shown as social proof? No problem at all, as you can put the testimonials of your current clients on it. This will have a required impact on your visitors and play a major role in their buying decision.


  • Test and Follow-up

Planning, developing tailored strategies, and designing a landing page is not enough until it goes through testing.

Testing that checks all the elements present on the page to ensure that it will work perfectly as expected when going live. Track and look at the metrics to know how it is performing. But it does not end here. You are also required to test different versions of your landing pages to see which one is performing the best. Repeat the procedure until you know which one is perfect to drive the traffic to your landing page and increase the conversion.


5 Cool Landing page Examples

While searching online or checking the website, you have come across several landing pages. Have you ever considered the factors and elements that make these pages impressive and convincing? Well, there are several and have been discussed above to guide you on how to design a cool and amazing landing page.

Now it’s time to behold the actual examples so that you can understand them in a better way. Following are a few sales page examples that acquire high traffic and high conversion rate.


  1. HelloFresh

It provides recipes and pre-proportioned ingredients based on the food quantity you want at your doorstep.

The first thing that captures the attention is the super friendly copy that instantly tells the visitor how easy your life becomes when you choose Hellofresh. An influential heading with simple and clear copy that provides the required information to the visitor makes it one of the great landing page examples.


Down the page, you will know what to expect from a Hellofresh box and why it is good. It also charms its visitors with attractive and tasty-looking meal images that perfectly align with its offerings. At the page bottom, FAQs are present to clear the confusion from the minds of the visitors, convincing them to click the ‘view our plans’ button.


  1. Club W

Club W offers services to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of its customers.

No headline but the large image on the first fold of the page truly represents the wellbeing this page tells about. It makes the brand humanized and creates a likable link with the visitor. Primarily focus on the visuals, this cool landing page example is the one you should see when designing your sales page.

Scrolling down and there mentioned its uniqueness, making the prospect more interested to read the copy further. It is a well-organized page designed with the use of light shade, less content but provides more information through powerful images.

Images and videos are the elements that are proved to increase the engagement and attentiveness level of the visitor. Considering its benefits, Club W landing page designers put the images in a brilliant way.


  1. Wistia

It is a video hosting platform that helps marketers achieve their marketing goals.

Its headline is captivating but does not show what it is about at first but the description below fills this gap by providing to-the-point information related to the service offered. The contrasting colors of the page entice the visitors to engage with it.

There is a video on the page that informs about everything in quite a friendly, humorous, and fun way. This creates a feeling of connection between the landing page and the visitor, greatly encourages them to convert. Testimonials and logos of the reputed brands strengthen the credibility and urge the visitors to purchase from this trustworthy brand.


  1. Breather

It is a workspace provider that offers spaces of work for varying time periods.

Enticing, clear, and clutter-free, this page could be your next beautiful landing page example.

Open their page, and the first thing you notice is the call-to-action, asking you to explore spaces in the nearby area. The visually attractive image tells the visitors what the company does in a smart way. The soothing colors of the page also depict their service.

Down the page, the benefits of using Breather are mentioned. Number of location in the available cities let the visitors know that they have many options to choose from. Positive reviews and logos of the big brands help in convincing the client to click the CTA button.


  1. HomeLight

It facilitates people buy and sell their homes by recommending top real estate agent of their area.

The visuals of this landing page are pretty attractive. Simple and direct headline with blue-colored CTA make it an incredible and converting landing page. Scrolling down and the visitor will know why is it important to have an efficient agent by your side and how Home Light assists you to connect with them.

Talk about the features in a direct and simple way to make them quickly comprehensible for the visitors. Guides and tips relevant to their services keep the visitors engaged and aid in getting more information if needed. Showing Google star ratings and reviews about the company making it look more reliable.

Designing a landing page might be tricky but using the right strategies that are tailored with your requirements can help you to get the attention of the target audience. Attractive and cool landing page conversion rates are usually high and prove to be effective in facilitating you to accomplish your goals.

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