How Much Money Do You Need to Build a Business Website?

How much money do you need to build a business website

Do you know what is the cost to create a business website?

Well nobody gives you an accurate amount, simply it depends on your business needs. Likely, what is your web design, web host etc.?  While the minimum amount business owners pay to a cheap website maker for the website is approximately $200 and 600$ for maintenance per year. Although when you hire a website developer it can go up accordingly. But not everyone wants to invest a big amount in the website. If you are looking for a cheap website builder

Keep reading this blog. In this article, you will get an idea of how much to charge for a website design costs and other important aspects that affect it? Such as website design, pricing, and the expense of hiring a website developer.

If you are a business owner and ready to boost your sales via the website. Let’s get into it directly.

Part 1. Factors of Small Business Which Control Web Design Costs

Cost Factors

Now you are ready owner to build a website for your business. Unfortunately you have to pay the necessary costs for running a website. In this section, you will get an idea of some unavoidable expenses you have to pay for building a new website.

1. Domain Name

The Domain name is often simply called as domain. Domain is necessary for building a website, and domain name works as address.  So, the domain will be your company website address and your email address. It appears on the address bar as a URL such as, or at the end of the email after etc. Think for a second, when you don’t register your home address. How would you invite people to your home? Domain is the same value you have to register your business address with a specific name before creating a website. This will be the first step you take, and the domain registration process will just take your time in minutes. The minimum cost for purchasing a domain is $9 to14.99 a year. Price varies according to the service.

2. Website Builder

After reserving your organic address, it’s come to use a website builder. You don’t need pay a heavy cost of developing a website. However, it doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or you have lots of experience in using the website builder. Website’s builder is now super easy to use for developing a website.  With a website builder you will get many customization options and help you in developing your desired websites. It also helps you to add a feature like plugin and SEO tags.

There are lots of website builder available, but the following ones are the best:

a)      WordPress

Word press is one of the most common website builders. If you think you can make your website for free? Yes, you are right. You can get a 100% free website for your business. The only two things you just have to purchase is a domain and web hosting to get started.

WordPress is highly recommended, because WordPress is User-friendly. According to research, 30% of website owners choose Word Press because it gives you 100% access or control of your website.

b)     Shopify

Shopify is another magnificent website developer. In simple words, Shopify is software that allows business owners to create an online store and sell their products. However, this is an excellent option for an eCommerce business.

It also offers simple and attractive themes (Paid and Unpaid) with an easy interference to create a user-friendly shopping cart, payment and many more.

c) is one of the leading website builders and largest provider for online marketing service. It helps small businesses to boost their sales. According to the research, they have helped more than 30 lakh plus businesses to build a website with a fraction amount of money.

3. Web Host

The web host is usually used for storage of a file of your website. Simply, it is the home of your websites, and you can install your website content and files in it.  When the organic searcher is looking for your website with your URL name (domain name), they are directed to your website files stored at the web host server. However, there are lots of options available for Web hosting such as; VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, blog hosting, dedicated hosting, etc. If you select Word press builder for your website, you have to go with the WordPress hosting service. Some of website hosting services are following:

a)      Shared web hosting

This is for low budget business owners— it only charges $3 to $7 per month.

b)     VPS hosting

VPS hosting is more convenient and it only charges $20 to $30 per month.

4. SSL (secure socket layer) Certificates

SSL (secure socket layer) certificates are used for inscribing data such as credit card number and personal information. However, in the ecommerce industry, SSL certificate is used to safe your customers data and personal information from being intercepted.

    1. Is SSL (secure socket layer) certificates free?

The answer is No, SSL certificates are issued by certification authorities (CA’s). This price varies according to your need “between” $10 to $100 per month.” Well there is also a possibility for paying annually or you can pay in advance for multiple years.

5. Design ($2000 – $15,000)

Now you are going to select your design for your website. Maybe your company wants a simple look, but some companies want a high-end layout which requires more effort and time as a website designer.

Moreover, you will have multiple designs or templates. For the following pages on your website.

  • Homepage
  • Product or service page
  • Contact page

That’s the reason the price of website design varies “between” $2000 to $15000. However, it’s not possible for a small business to invest $15000 just in designing.

In addition, when you have a meeting with web designing agencies, feel free to ask about their design costs. And Get some knowledge about their high-end end designs and basic designs. This is the only way you can set your website design budget for your business.

6. Number of pages ($1000 – $5000)

As everything in their size, websites are too! Website sizes are measured with their number of pages. If you are looking to create an ecommerce website, you need more than 100 pages. If you are looking for a service providing a website for your company, you just need less than 10 pages. If we look from the eyes of a web developer. The pages take time to build even with the same layout.

For example, the eCommerce website has 50 product pages. The product pages have the same layout for uploading product details, images and videos. It takes time to test the page.

These tasks take time, which is why websites with more pages cost more. Page prices can range from $1000 to $5000 for sites with 1 to 50 pages, which is the average page number for small eCommerce business websites. In addition, web design agencies will price pages in tiers, like 1 to 10 pages or 10 to 20 pages. If your business requires 8 pages, for example, you would fall into the 1- to 10-page category and pay that tier’s rate.

7. Content Management System

We know Content Management Systems as CMS. It helps you to display your pictures, text, video and articles, and many more on your websites. However, this is not necessary but having one—it can save your time.

8. Content Management System Cost

It depends, which Content Management System (CMS) do you choose? You will get it in thousands of dollars or you can pay nothing by using a famous one like WordPress.

Part 2. How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website?

Well again the answer is it depends!

The minimum cost for the website development is between $100 and $500. If you need more sophisticated, it can go up to more than $30,000. Once ask yourself ‘how much does a website cost per year’

As we discussed earlier, you will need to pay for a domain name and web hosting. For the domain name you will pay $14.99 and web hosting at $7.99 per month. Which will be $110.87 per year.

It will be expensive to buy a domain name and web hosting for a new business owner. When you are starting your new business.

We have another solution for new business owners, But Thanks to Blue host which is providing a free domain name and secure socket layer (SSL) certificate to WordPress Users.

1.     Blue Host Web Hosting Services

This is one the largest web hosting services providing companies worldwide. However, you can save more money because they are providing the following free following services through the Word Press repository…

  • Word Press themes and plugins
  • content management system

Some of the most essential plugins available includes:

  • Yoast SEO (for Word Press SEO)
  • UpdraftPlus (for Word Press site back up)
  • WPForms lite (for building contact form)
  • MonsterInsights (for connecting your site to Google Analytics)
  • Akismet (for preventing spam comments)
  • W3 Total Cache (for improving speed and performance)

Part 3. How to Estimate the Website Cost Based on Your Goals?

Now that you have knowledge about cost of making a website for a business. Let us tell you how you can estimate the cost for your website. Who can stop you? Go ahead!

Before adding a premium plugin, ask yourself some questions.

1. What is the Budget?

Set your budget before starting and look for the cheapest way to build a website. Ask yourself for a budget before buying premium themes and plugins. This is the simple way of reducing your cost, although you can add premium plugins and themes latterly.

2. Is there a Need for a Custom-Built Website?

Well with the pre-built website you don’t have to work too much or you don’t have to hire a professional developer. It will save you from having to pay a lot of money. However, using WordPress themes is not a hard science and you can use them easily.

More precisely, if you want to give your website unique visuals, you will need to build a custom WordPress theme by yourself or through a web developer. Cheap website maker with WordPress charges $20 to $100 for creating custom-made themes.

3. What Features do you Need?

With the basic websites, you don’t need those flashy features which are seen on cool websites. It will help if you list the features you need to enhance the entire website’s functionality. In this way, you can prioritize the most important features which can help the web development process and cut down website cost.

Part 4. How Much Does it Cost to Build an Advanced Website?

When your business grows, you might want to add extra features and customization to deliver an enhanced user experience. But adding more customization means your website cost will increase. However, that is fine if your business is growing.

One basic thing you can do, find a more powerful web hosting service like Site Ground Go Geek Plan. This is more expensive than Blue host, but it comes with advanced features like staging, better performance and can handle up to 100,000+ visitors per month.

You can get 60% off for the first month by using the Site Ground coupon. Also, you can find a premium WordPress theme for professional website appearance. Premium themes offer extra features and support.

Some of premium Word Press plugins preferred for an advanced site:

  • Beaver Builder (for transforming Word Press in to drag and drop builder)
  • Elvira Gallery (Word Press responsive gallery plugin)
  • Constant Contact (for email marketing services and also recommended for growing business)
  • OptinMonster (for transforming website to lead generation machine)
  • WPForms (adds drag and drop form builder)
  • MonsterInsights (for installing Google Analytics)
  • Sucuri Firewall (security plugin)
  • UpdraftPlus (back up plugin)

There are a lot of plugins that you can add easily. It depends on the premium products that you choose, the minimum cost of setting up a website that is advanced ranges from $500 to $1000 annually.

Part 5. The Cost of Hiring a Freelancer to Build your Website

Another cheapest way to build a website is through hiring a freelancer. Freelancers can work as your employees do. But you should make sure that he or she can develop a great website.

To get a great website, you should hire a freelancer who can work with WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, Woocommerce etc. Also, you need to make sure all functionalities, plugins, customizations, and other features are included in the package.

Now it comes to costing, freelance website developer cost will depend on which platform you use. Some platforms are charging hourly and some are for a flat fee— cost to build a website depends on the skills and location of freelancers.

If you want to pay a flat fee you can go with the fiver. Otherwise, if you want to pay hourly, PeoplePerhour is the best option for you.

On PeoplePerhour platform, a cost of setting up a website will depend on hourly rate of freelancer and ranges from $10 to $90. Website creation cost on fiverr is approximately $90 for a basic website and can go up to $330 for an e-commerce site.

Part 6. The Cost of Hiring an Agency

Hiring an agency is a professional way and they will take care of all your requirements and needs. Price of developing a website through an agency will depend on how unique website you desire.

Web site price list—let’s look at a rough estimate:

  • The cost of blogs is $220 to $16,000, with an average cost of $3000.
  • The cost of website development is $220 to $50,000, with an average cost of $3700.
  • The cost of developing an online/ecommerce store is $400 to $150,000, with an average cost of $13,700.

1.     How to Avoid Overpaying?

While developing website through an agency is the great option—it costs more than others. How to control such costs?

If you want to save yourself from overpaying, you can ask the agency to use free WordPress themes and directories in your website. Once visitors are starting to build up, you can consider integrating premium plugins, themes, and other customization on your website.

You can also watch out for WordPress deals and coupons to get discounts on your purchase. In this way, cost to build a website will get reduced.

Part 7. Do You Need Professional Help?

Looking for a professional yet affordable website builder?

We are happy to help!

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Part 8. Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. How much does it cost to make a business website?

Minimum cost of making a website for a business starts at $30,000 for a basic informational website. Whereas, price of developing a website for large scale solutions ranges between $50,000 to $100,000.

Cost of creating a website for more sophisticated ones start from $100,000 and far more than a million.

2. How long does it take to build a custom website?

The agency takes a month to make a simple website. The minimum time required to build a website or web application is 2-3 months. This, however, does not apply to complex web applications — their development and deployment may last for years.


Well, it’s hard to find an ideal price of developing a website. The prices rely on the requirements from website to website.

In this blog we have mentioned how you can develop your website using cheap website builder, agencies, and other affordable website builder. We have given you every detail about cost to build a website.

Would you like to know our recommendation?

Hiring an agency is free of fear of anything. You just have to give the requirements and they will build your website from scratch. In addition, you can try free plugins for the websites and themes.

No worries about cost.Keep your eyes open for promotional offers! Lastly, you don’t have to be professional to make a website if you hire an agency.