Dedicated Development Team

Software development and management is one of the most crucial tasks for any organization. What if we tell you that big names in the market do not manage this task on their own? Thanks to the trend of dedicated development teams, organizations now trust someone outside their office to build and manage a software management team that is dedicated to working only on one task at a time. More and more businesses are now resorting to hiring dedicated software teams, usually a team from areas where software-related markets are less saturated and hence, easily affordable. Below, we’re going to break down everything on dedicated offshore developers and their relevant aspects that will help you hire a dedicate development team of your own:


Part 1. What Is Dedicated Development Team?

Simply defined, a dedicated development team is a team of professional software developers, often located in countries where software development is not an overtly expensive task to get done. These teams are often hired by a professional agency that hires software developers and dedicate them to a single project that has been outsourced to them by a foreign client.

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A dedicated development team is called ‘dedicated’ because its members usually work for a single client at a time and do not undertake any other project unless the client is satisfied of the project’s delivery and confirms a specific development task as done.

How Many People Are There In A Dedicated Development Team?

A dedicated developer team can be as big as you want. However, we suggest keeping it small and less complicated.

When asking a dedicated development company to provide you with a team, we’d say you follow what Jeff Bezos refers to as “Two Pizza Team” rule. That is, you only make a team that you can easily feed with two pizzas only.

Generally, including no more than 6-8 people in your dedicated software development team can get the task done with perfection.

Following are the people that must be there in your dedicated development team:

  • Overseer/ Project manager
  • Expert Software developers
  • UI/UX developers
  • QA Automation Experts
  • Any Other Expert That Might Be Needed

Things To Keep In Mind While Hiring A Dedicated Development Team

Hiring virtually, you are likely to get scammed or end up hiring a team that is not up to your mark. Before we move on to the actual process of hiring a dedicated team, here are some pointers to keep in mind if you want to avoid being scammed:

  • Have some, if not too much, knowledge of how a software is developed and processed by a dedicated team
  • Talk to those employing dedicated teams and learn the basics of working with such a team
  • Make sure you sign contracts of protection of your software and personal data before sharing it with a dedicated services provider
  • Always sign a detailed contract when starting the project to avoid future disturbances
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Part 2. How To Build A Dedicated Development Team?

By now, you might have gotten the idea that building a dedicated software development team is not a piece of cake. For sure, it isn’t.

Since you need to trust people located at a remote location with all your software-related tasks, the team building process must be smart and efficient. Thankfully, there is no need to intricate software development knowledge for you to be able to hire a dedicated team.

Rather, you can simply follow a generic pattern of steps every other business follows to build their team of dedicated offshore developers. Below, we are simplifying the entire process of hiring dedicated software developers for you.

So, let us move on without any further ado:

Step 1: Understanding The Basics

No dedicated development team hiring can be successful unless the hiring party has some preliminary knowledge about how the dedicated development model works.

First things first, you need to be clear on the kind of parties that are involved in a dedicate development project. Further, you need to know the kind of expectations that are attached to both these parties and what their job roles look like.

Below are these two teams and their roles summarized for your consideration:


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  • Customer / Client

This party is usually a business or an organization, looking forward to having a dedicated team working for them.

Clients often have to manage the bigger level tasks, looking into the provider’s services and their scope of work. Clients also have to provide clear project details to the providers, guidelines on the team management and talent, as well as details on company culture.

Sometimes, clients also prefer working as an onlooker, having full control of the work division. Clients are also responsible for defining budget, timelines, and ensuring that the work happening is up to the mark.

  • Provider:

Providers refer to CEOs and managers of software houses who are contacted by clients for their tasks. After analyzing the needs of a client, providers tend to hire the talent needed for the task.

Further, the providers are supposed to provide all the IT infrastructure, workplace, tools, and resources to the dedicated developers for a smooth flow of the work.

Providers also have to manage the salaries of the team members, deal with them, hire and manage new talent on immediate basis, and do everything else that the client might ask for.

Step 2: Defining What You Need

Now that you have understood all the team roles and other relevant details, let us suppose that you are someone on the client’s end and want to carry on with the team development process.

The next step is to clarify yourself on what you need. You need to be very clear on what you’d expect your dedicated software developer to do and what timelines you want them to follow.

You might also want to have the entire plan in written and with all the details and suggestions on what you’d like from the team. With all these details ready, you can easily and quickly hire a provider that you have been meaning to hire since day one.

Step 3: Interviewing Different Candidates

When you roll out your requirements, you’d be contacted by several providers for dedicates services. Mostly, you get same quotes and expertise from many and hence, deciding among such a huge number gets tricky.

It is here that you need to interview and select the best one. We suggest planning your interview process in rounds so that only the most serious providers are left by the end.

You can interview specific people from the team or can call the entire HR and software development team for an interview.

Sometimes, the providing party takes up this responsibility and get a team of their chosen staff members to contact you. This eases your process further since you are only getting to talk to the best ones from a provider and can easily guess whether or not they are worth your time.

Step 4: Launch The Team

After several interviews, you are mostly able to decide on a specific team that you aim to stick to throughout the project.

Now is your time to dictate the entire team and share your detailed requirements with them. You might want to hold a virtual orientation for your remote dedicated developers and let them know of everything they have to do.

For the launch process, decide on a platform where you’ll be monitoring their work and contacting them regularly. Then, decide a day and time when they should begin working on your project.

This way, your project goes one step closer to becoming a reality.

Step 5: Stay In Touch With The Team  

No matter how professional is the team you hire, you can never expect the project to finish in time and exactly how you wanted it to, unless you keep a check on your team.

Hence, we strongly suggest staying in touch with the dedicated developers and keeping a check on their work as much as you can.

Ask for weekly progress and arrange zoom meetings if you cannot visit them in person. However, do not overburden your team in the entire process nor be strongly dictating all the time. The robs the team of its confidence and ruins their focus.

Step 6: Finalize and Release The Project and Renew The Contract

Once the project is finished and you are satisfied, you can release it for the public while keeping the makers in confidence. If everything went great with the team, you can also renew your contract and ask the team for a new project – that they will be doing with more enthusiasm than before.

Part 3. Why Should You Hire Dedicated Developers?

There are many obvious reasons behind hiring a dedicated software development team. These teams not only are dedicated to their work but also are affordable and efficient in what they do.

Many businesses and organizations want to hire dedicated development team but are not hundred percent sure regarding hiring it or not.

Here we will talk about the benefits of dedicated developers, that will compel the businesses and organizations to take services of the dedicated developers teams.

  1. Cost-Efficient

The first reason behind hiring dedicated software for companies is the economic benefit associated with it.

It is indeed simpler and easier for you to hire an already existing dedicated developer team as compared to build a team from the scratch.

To build a team we need to advertise, interview, recruit, and finalize the willing candidates. This process is costly and takes time.

To save the money associated with this process, you are suggested to hire dedicated software development team.


  1. Flexible and Focused

The other main benefit associated with hiring a dedicated team is that it offers flexibility and a focused approach.

When you assign one of your main projects to the dedicated offshore developers, you will be able to focus on other projects.

In short, the dedicated development teams give the businesses more time to focus on their main tasks without having to worry about the task assigned to the team at all.


  1. Provide a team of Specialists

The dedicated development team is comprised of members having a variety of skills. They are experienced and know their job better than the in-built team.

You can easily find a dedicated development team comprising specialists from all fields. You can trust them with all kinds of software.

On the other hand, an in-built is not expert in all the fields and needs costly training when they have to develop some tricky or unique software.

  1. Saves the cost associated with hardware and software

To develop software companies need to have expensive systems and digital resources.

The additional cost associated with the systems and the resources can be eliminated by hiring a dedicated software development team.

The teams already have access to the resources and systems, and thus can help you in saving money. All you have to pay to the team is for their services and labor.

Trust us, you can save a huge sum of money by hiring a dedicated team and assigning a project to them as compared to installing systems, getting the resources, and building a team.

  1. Ensure a high level of professionalism

As we have already stated that, the dedicated development company is experienced in developing the software.

So, when you decide to assign your work to the team you not only hire the team but also hire its experience.

The experienced team can develop the software better than how you imagined it to be and will put its professionalism in the task to make it look better than others.

Just listen to the team and let them do their task independently, and we can guarantee you a high level of satisfaction.

  1. Control

The other main reason behind hiring a dedicated development team is that you have direct control over it.

You can ask the team to share the progress of the project with you daily or weekly. In addition, you are free to give the dedicated team suggestions, recommendations, and comments on the work performed.

The team is also ready to edit and modify the features of the project upon your orders.

In other words, we can say that you can have full control over the outsourced team and can get work done by the team according to your will and in time.

  1. Additional Support and Maintenance

The seventh reason behind hiring a dedicated team is that it offers additional support and maintenance.  The dedicated software developers offer an extensive range of skills that is limited not only to the development of a project.

When you hire dedicated programmers, you also hire the maintenance and after-sale services associated with the project.

The dedicated team provides support requires and quality maintenance required by the software.

  1. Time-Saving

Dedicated teams are time saviors. Building a team, hiring people, training them, and getting desired results from them is time-consuming. We can save this time by hiring a suitable dedicated team for our projects.

The dedicated team is already recruited and trained, and hence helps in saving both efforts and time.

The dedicated project team starts working on the project as soon as it is assigned, and can guarantee a speedy and timely completion of work.

  1. Eradicate Stress

The last and the most significant reason behind hiring a dedicated team is that it saves you from stress and tension.

While assigning the project to the dedicated team we also assign the stress associated with the project to the team.

Final Verdict

This was all that we knew on dedicated developers and how you can hire a dedicated team. We hope that all the information shared above can help you ace at your dedicated development team hirings and working with them.

Before you go, let us give you a small advice on the matter of dedicated development team and availing their services.

No one with ever take your project seriously unless you do it yourself. Hence, once a team is hired, make sure you stay in touch with it and are always ready to guide them on ways you’d like your project to be done.

Your active participation will surely enhance your project’s value as well as your working experience with the dedicated programmers.

All the best!