The Importance of Visual Appeal in Web Design


Do you know that the success or failure of your website depends on your website design? Don’t believe us— it is what users say!

We conducted a survey in which we asked from thousands of internet users a question:

What is the reason behind if you don’t trust a website?

Want to know what results we got? We were not surprised by the outcomes that say 90% of users don’t trust any website which is not visually appealing. That is it!

This is the reason why web design is needed for the success of your website.

A well-established Website can help improve customer traffic, but a visually appealing website design results in increased conversions.

Now excited to know how to make your website stand out from the rest? Keep reading our article till the end!

Judging a Book by Its Cover

To answer this question, we must first realize that website design is as extensive as famous. So what do we mean by this?

Simply put, it means that there are several forms of web design, such as graphic design, visual design, interface design, interaction design, and, obviously, UX design. So, if we say a visual appeal of a website—we are basically referring to all categories of website design. What first catches the eye is the visual appeal. It includes certain elements such as website colors, images, shapes, fonts, and overall visual balance. The attractiveness of a website influences how we perceive it and how we remember it.

Part 1. What is web designing?

Before we dive into details, let us answer questions like what is web designing and why web design is needed?

The design of your website shown on the internet is referred to as web design. It typically focuses on user experience elements of website creation as compared to technical development.

Web site designers are responsible for your website’s look, layout, and, in certain circumstances, content. The layout of your website relates to how the content is arranged and classified.

A great web design is simple to use, aesthetically attractive, and appropriate for the website’s user group and brand.

Two of the most prevalent techniques to build desktop- and mobile-friendly websites are responsive and adaptable.

  • Responsive design

A responsive design website refers to a design where content moves dynamically, depending on the size of the device’s screen.

  • Adaptive design

An adaptive design website is one that has fixed website content in layout sizes, and it matches with standard screen sizes.

Part 2. How to Create an Engaging Web Design—8 Effective tips!


From the user’s standpoint, a website that is easier to navigate leads to a more pleasurable experience. Additionally, rather than using sharp colors and fonts, it is always delighted to design a website by keeping it simple and elegant.

Now that you know why web design is needed? It’s time to tell you how you can design your own website by following 8 simple tips.

  1. Keep the Layout as Basic as Possible.
    The more simple your site’s design, the better. It does not mean that you design your own website with dull and boring features— you should concentrate on the basics. Not to mention, elegant, functional layouts come in handy to load, browse, and access your site across several platforms and devices.You should concentrate on the most crucial information of your websites such as items and fonts. You should create web design by using images with minimal text to encourage users to interact with your content more easily.
  2. Make the Navigation Simple to Follow.
    Do you know what users like most about a website?It is the website’s navigation mechanism. If you want people to spend more time on your website, you have to keep the design simple for them to navigate.This might be appealing to have creative design websites, but simplicity and clear information architecture are much more essential.If  your website has prominent, descriptive navigation menus, it will assist your visitors to easily explore and engage with the type of content they are looking for.
  3. Create Clear Calls To Action
    The best way to generate more leads is none other than using a clear call to action buttons. First, you should consider what exactly do you want your site visitors to do?Call to action buttons like purchase goods? Donate for a cause? Signup for a newsletter e-mail? plays an essential role in generating effective leads. You should create a call-to-action buttons in such a manner, so they stand out to a visitor when browsing your website. If you use buttons in your designs, keep the text concise and to the point. You should use eye-catching buttons along with your navigation bar to encourage users to “contribute” and “adopt.” Additionally, you should also add strong calls to action buttons throughout your website content.
  4. When it Comes to Content, Less is More
    If you are thinking about how to design my own website by using enrich content—we have advice for you. You should include what you know regarding your website visitors to narrow down their choices and draw their attention towards your items. More precisely, try to display only the content and graphic components you want people to interact with. Let’s imagine you are promoting a software application. In this case, you should tell your visitors about the application— meanwhile adding a direct call to action to install the app.
  5. Be Unafraid of Whitespace
    What does white space mean?White space on your web page is just empty space. More precisely, it is not really wholly white— it simply has to be free of any text or graphics. White spaces may increase readability and reduce clutter from the website design if done correctly. Furthermore, white space may also benefit you in directing the attention and engagement of your visitor. It allows you to divide elements and concepts so that viewers can see precisely— everything you want them to see in a single glance. Google is the most outstanding example of how to make use of whitespace. This cannot be simpler than a blank page with such a logo and a search field.
  6. Incorporate Eye-Catching Colors into Your Website Design
    Do you know how to create web design that is more compelling and engaging at the same time?You can enhance the engagement of your website by following our free tips. What is it? Try to choose a base color for the whole website design, and then select a contrasting color scheme for key buttons and other interface components. In this way, you can create a web design that is more compelling to your visitors. For more information about selecting the correct color schemes for your website—contact us now!
  7. Use Eye-Catching and Easy-to-Read Fonts
    Good website builders for designers always recommends using simple fonts for website content.To make your website text understandable and exciting, choose the appealing type that really is visually beautiful and unique. The four leading trend fonts to make your website content more appealing are Museo Sans, Brandon Grotesque, Playfair Display, and Railway.
  8. Attract Users with Rich Pictures and Vide
    Do you know that attractive videos and images can increase your conversion rate by up to 80 percent?Undoubtedly, videos and pictures are more attractive than text alone. You should also use scalable images to provide a high level of user experience on mobile and desktop devices.

Part 3. The Benefits of Visually Appealing Website Design

Now that you know how to design a visually appealing website, let us tell you the benefits of having a visually appealing website. Keep reading!

  1. Allure Attentiveness
    Visual attraction can – more than anything – attract attentiveness. This is key to getting visitors captivated by your website. We always wish to look at comely things plus if we have the opportunity, we constantly favor an appealing design or image above a disagreeable or neutral one.
  2. Create a Primary Impression
    Our initial impression when meeting a person vis-a-vis can change our connection with them at the end of the day. Essentially, within only a few seconds – even be minutes, we will decide if we like spending time with that person or not. When it comes to website design, it’s an equivalent thing. Once an internet site has made a negative first impact on us, the likelihood is that we’ll not like our visit much or anticipate returning. Whether we wish to admit it or not, we are all guilty of sometimes judging a book by its cover – meaning visual appeal represents an outsized role in establishing brand affinity mutually with your website guests.
  3. Develop Connections
    The visual appeal also can develop connections. If visitants can recognize in connection with your website, you’re a giant step closer to building a long-term relationship with them – which is, of course, the very most desirable goal. Our browser history is frequently viewed as an extension of our lifestyle decisions, meaning websites that complement our individuality are instantly extra appealing.
  4. Increase Toleration
    A visual attractiveness may be a feature in itself. It is often a unique advantage that you use to hide additional, less convenient aspects of your website. If your visual design is an uppermost edge, your guests are going to be extra forgiving for shortages in other areas.
  5. Invoke Emotion
    We’ve all listened to the expression “a picture is worth a thousand terms.” It’s particularly relevant when it comes to communicating on a more sensitive level. Visual attraction can awaken memories and sensations like trust, comfort, hope, plus self-confidence.

Part 4. The Role of Website Design Companies for Small Businesses

If you want to eliminate the efforts to design your own website, we suggest you go for the best website design companies for small businesses. When it comes to creative web design and development, hiring freelance web site designers is the best option.  

Here is the reason why!

Web site designers can effectively plan, develop and code your websites and web pages. Additionally, they will create web design by utilizing attractive images, compelling graphics, and content with sound. They have a deep understanding and experience to create web design that can stand out from your competitors.

Web site designers are accountable to design your own website, whether it is brand new or just updating existing content of your web pages.

Not to mention, web designer’s role differs from that of web developers, who specialize in developing code that specifies how various elements of a website work together. However, there is some overlap between the two jobs.

Final Verdict

With that said, you now know that visual appeal is a core component of your web design, especially when it comes to developing a deep connection and business affinity with your visitors. However, it is critical not to ignore the essentials. In our blog, we have discussed why web design is needed to grow your business. Additionally, we have told you the ways through which you can design a website that is compelling and engaging. Not to mention, you should also make sure your website is not just visually beautiful but also easy to locate, use, and accessible. A balance of functionality and visual impact will ensure that you and your website visitors gain the most out of your website.