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Best Landing Page Examples – Yours Can Be Next

  • September 9, 2021

Marketing strategy is one of the most effective and vital aspects of every business whether it’s small, medium or large. And in this era where everything has gone digital, attracting and persuading customers to buy your product or service has become hyper-competitive. Therefore, along with other website pages, optimizing the landing pages will make your target audience impressed and engaged with your business. These hold an important position in the SEO and traffic growth to a particular website. And for this, only a great action-centered landing page could make a difference.
Interesting in taking inspiration from top-performing landing page examples? If so, then reading this article would be great help for you. Here you will get to know about how brands get people to subscribe to their newsletter, convince them to sign up for a free trial, and successfully convert prospects into leads. All of these actions that play a significant role in increasing sales of the business are accomplished by landing pages. Many brands are using the landing pages to guide the buyers through every stage of the purchase. Either get the lead from paid sources or the traffic is organic, an engaging landing page can trigger your potential customers into buyers. Most landing page examples 2021 belong to the businesses that put some serious efforts in designing a perfect landing page as it’s a notable way to capture the attention of the visitors.
To make things more clear, it will be good if you get to know more about landing pages.

What Is a Landing Page?

The specifically designed page that is intended to drive the target audience to your website and convert visitors into potential leads. It’s different from other pages as the sole purpose of it is to acquire visitor’s information in exchange for a great offer.

An appealing digital marketing landing page should guide the visitors with particular steps required to take in order to access the offer you are making. Moreover, should give concise and targeted
information about your product and services to the visitor.
It’s good if you have more than one landing page as it will ultimately elevate your chances of getting more visitors turned into subscribers or customers.

Landing Page Types You Need to Know

There are different types of landing pages but majorly categorizes into the following:
– Squeeze Pages
Also called a lead generation landing or capture page, it is the most common type of landing page. The headline, CTA, offer, form, and testimonials are the basics that should be included in the landing page.
A prime purpose of this page is to gather visitor’s information such as name or email address.
– Sales Pages
As the name depicts, the sales pages do sales. The purpose of the squeeze page is to generate leads and
collect emails while this page targets the audience when they are already engaged on your website.
The benefits of the product or service and your offer or discount are mentioned and it needs to be
written in a persuasive way. One of the best sales page examples is Netflix, we all are familiar with.

15 Cool Landing Pages Examples

Exhausted of trying different landing pages but nothing proves to be effective for your business? No need to worry then. Get the hint from a few big names which are successfully converting their potential leads in to permanent customers.
Here is a list of landing pages of some giants and their best practices.

1. Airbnb

It’s a popular name which operates a digital marketplace primarily rental home spaces and other stay places around the world for tourists and explorers.
In this website landing page example, Airbnb asks to become host in an enticing way. Personalizing the page title with the geolocation of the visitors and customizing the profit calculator
allows the visitors to check how much they can earn in the easiest way. It has to-the-point information that a potential customer requires. A clear and simple call-to-action at the top of the page shows a monetary benefit with a bright red colored button that compels the user to convert.

2. Shopify

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that provides a place for the online businesses to sell their products.

A user-persuasive yet simple headline communicates with the user what to do and also, describes the benefits of using Shopify. A big button of CTA provides a better user experience and drives the visitor to make a purchase. In the subheading, social proof is given that depicts the credibility of the company by representing the number of businesses using the platform.

Moreover, a 14 days trial emphasis the visitors to try it for free, which helps in a higher conversion rate. The image on the landing page shows its responsiveness on multiple devices in a skillful way. Simply put, it has all the elements that make it one of the top performing landing pages examples!


3. Trello

Collaborating with the team remotely from home is especially not an easy task. But Trello has made it easy as shown in their landing page. Not just work from home but it generally makes the teamwork better and more efficient.


The heading clearly represents what Trello is all about. The best thing is light-toned colors that bring friendly and casual feeling and are not too formal. The simple working of Trello is displayed with pictures of the board and cards and explains in a few words that how these work. For more details, a tour option is also given. At the end, testimonials from the reputable brands prove the social credibility of trello.

4. Nauto

To control one of the leading causes of death, Nauto comes with its AI software that helps to prevent accidents by predicting the danger, results in the prompt safety steps taken by the driver to save the vehicle from collision.

It could be the best sales page example for you as it has all kinds of information that the companies need which deal with the autonomous vehicles. The main heading is ‘how to prevent the collision’? to which the animation in the background answers in a great way by showing how it saves the incident from happening. The page also depicts the measures taken to ensure high safety. At the end logos of the clients and testimonials persuade the visitors to click the ‘Request Demo’ button.

5. GetResponse

In this competitive business era, developing a tailored and effectual marketing strategy is a must. But creating such tactics to increase sales is not an easy task as you need to focus on various domains.

Get Response

GetResponse facilitates the business to grab the attention of the target audience whether it’s usual days or special ones like holidays. Its digital marketing landing page example is good for you as it has several elements that turn the visitors into customers.

Powerful headlines with a single line quickly make the visitors understand what it’s all about. The links to different marketing services are also present that saves time when looking for specific service offered by GetResponse. Features offered for entrepreneurs, businesses, and marketers are highlighted clearly to tell about the suitability of their services for marketing individuals.

A CTA with a ‘free sign up’ option is presented in bright color, helps the visitors to take the desired action. While benefits, testimonials, logos of their clients, and pricing are also mentioned, providing everything that a potential visitor needs to know.

6. Whereby

Office video meetings can be so exhausting sometimes because you and your colleagues need to install the app and go through multiple steps before gathering everyone and starting a meeting. To save precious time Whereby provides a simple and effective solution and tells this through their landing page in an admirable way.

You can take it as one of the top performing landing page examples for your business venture. As one of the key takeaways is to tell the user about the benefits it offer and how it could help you do a hasslefree video meeting. Good reviews and logos of the business giants are given to make it look reliable to the user. A free trial to lets the user entice more while compel to click the button.

Key features of the service are shown with animated visuals. Furthermore, also tell that in your videos privacy will be maintained.

7. Snappr

It is a photography site that offers the picture capturing services for various events like personal or business events, product photography and more.

An attractive heading and clear little brief tell all relates to the service and its presence worldwide. The proof showing that it has been used by fortune 500 companies, also showing the logos of big names represent that their service is good for businesses too even if you are a large organization.

Quick turnaround, insurance, and estimated pricing are prominently shown to keep the doubts of the visitors at bay and persuade them to click the CTA button.

The testimonials at the end add more to the credibility and almost leave almost no choice other than clicking the ‘Book now’ button!


8. Jacob McMillen

Jacob is a freelance writer who has just launched a group to help other freelance writers to grow in their business.

The typography and the simple catchy colors are what you see in most landing page examples 2021 that are successful enough to catch the leads. It is a long form page that addresses all the major issues that the writers face in an influential way that can easily convince writers to join this group.

A lucrative 6 figure salary, open discussion with like-minded writers and learning from industry experts in a year are the primary benefits that are communicated on the page briefly. To clear out the uncertainty from the minds of the visitors, a few names are added which are reputed in the writing circle, results in winning the trust of the visitors.

Orange colored CTA looks bold with other colors, instantly get the attention of the visitor.

9. Masterclass

It’s a unique service that offers online classes for several fields to the students of varying skill levels. Cooking, science, painting, film-making, art, and many others can be learnt with experts of the relevant industry.

The landing page has an attractive red and black background that makes it an appealing formal page, perfectly represents what it offers. Pictures of the well-known figures on the landing page and the line of ‘learn from the best’ compel the visitors to click the CTA button. Prices are mentioned to gain trust. A short trailer from an expert and benefits in simple points persuade to join the classes.

As you scroll down, the testimonials from satisfies clients add credibility and ensure that the classes are very useful to take.


10.  Miro

During this pandemic, working remotely or from home has become a norm. Therefore, for businesses, handling the teams efficiently is more important than ever. Google doc is used by many for sure but is not effective when it comes to adding visuals and sharing ideas from multiple team members at the same time.


Miro identified and overcome the challenges and its sales page example could be especially helpful for you as it reflects the present-day state of the world.

The headline and subheading concisely show the purpose and benefits of the platform. Most commonly used cases are also shown on the page that will assist you in knowing that whether your case is parallel with the ones on Miro. Moreover, how-to guides facilitate the user to work with ease and do not go to any other sites to search for getting relevant information.


11.  Acorns

It’s a fintech company that specializes in robo-investing and micro-investing, claims to start with as low as $3 or $5.

It is a great app landing page example that asks its users to start taking advantages of their investment services. The background green and white color entice the visitors, tells them about the gain that the user can have by acquiring their services.

The green colored CTA creates a sense of urgency and the number of signs up shows that it’s a reliable platform for investment. Below mentioned the simple yet effective benefits of using their service and how quick the account making process is.


12.  Uber

It’s basically a ride-hailing company that also delivers food, groceries, packages, couriers, and freight transportation with the aim of transportation everywhere for everyone.

Uber website landing page example is great for you as it impressively persuades their visitors to become a driver with them and also talks about the major ease of earning the money in the time that is most suitable for you.

Concisely showing that you have the choice of picking the work timings represents that it can also be a great side hustle. A sign up form with customized geolocation creates a sense of personalization.

Showing ‘ride with uber’ at the upper corner of the page directs the potential rider segment to the right page if they mistakenly open this one.

13.  Stripe

Stripe provides online payment solutions to the businesses having digital presence. Various companies are using their software to manage payments.

First thing that captures the attention of the visitor is their prominent ‘Start now’ button that directs to sign up page, made in a noticeable way in order to persuade the visitor to register. Unique heading that is written in bold letters and a clear small brief below appeal them to engage with their software.

Down the page, you see pictures that show different types of platforms that can use their service for hassle-free payment whether it’s an e-commerce store or a private business. Advantages of using their product is also mentioned, appeal the visitor more to think in a decisive way to go for the purchase.

14.  How to Product

It is basically a learning guide for the managers who are currently serving their roles or individuals who inspire to become a manager. This senior position is considered as challenging and you might need help. If yes, then you can clear your doubts from their eBook and landing page.

You can take it as an impressive sales page example due to some key points that actually acquire the attention of the visitors. While its heading is just a name of the product, the few simple words below tell about the stories of the managers of popular brands like Shopify, Google, Loblaw digital, and others. Names of the managers are also mentioned with their positions and companies provide the proof that it’s real.

A hint is also given about each chapter you can learn from the book through a summary and short description, which helps you to get an idea before downloading the book. Details about the author explain his personal, educational, and career background and the reason why he felt to write a book related to the struggles of managers.

15. Geico

It can be considered as one of the best website landing page examples as it has all the key elements that a good landing page should have.

Geico is an insurance company that offers insurance for vehicles, property, business, and others. All of this is mentioned on the page by giving the options for different types of insurance. A green color CTA on the white background is prominent and proffers to get a free insurance quote, urging the visitors to click on the button.

Scroll down and the visitor will found everything that is required for insurance. Today it has become crucial to have a responsive mobile app for business. Geico landing page also shows that its app provides full assistance to the users with uninterrupted 24/7 customer service.  

In this hyper competitive era in business realm, acquiring the attention of the visitors in a way that convert them into customers is necessary. And only a captivating and persuasive landing page could do it successfully.

Struggling to turn the traffic to your website or application to increase sales? Above said are a few sales page examples that can facilitate you to achieve business goals.

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