Our History
Our History

Officially DIS SOFTWARE (called DIGITAL SOLUTIONS at that time) appeared a long time ago, in 2011, when 3 brothers: Andrei Crupco, Veaceslav Crupco, Veaceslav Pogreban; were sitting in a room of their parents’ apartment developing software and dreaming about creating their own company. No sooner said than done, young and inexperienced they registered it and started looking for their first customers.

After months of activity, they realized how difficult it is to earn their living without salaries. They had to pause their business and get employed in other companies as developers. 4 years later their dream came true, after gaining priceless experience they managed to start on their own. So now begins the official story.

What We Do?

Project Management

UI/UX Design

Front-End Development

Back-End Development

Mobile Development

Quality Assurance

Our company in numbers:
53 Clients Who Trust US
12 Countries Work with Us
5 Years of Productive Work
Board of directors
Pogreban Veaceslav
Pogreban Veaceslav

COO, Co-founder

Crupco Andrei
Crupco Andrei

CEO, Co-founder

Crupco Veaceslav
Crupco Veaceslav

CTO, Co-founder

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