How does our referral program work
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Fill out an online application to let us know more about yourself and briefly describe the company you’re referring us to or their IT project(s). Once you submit the form, you’ll receive a personalized link that you can share via email or copy to your clipboard and share with the Referral via your preferred method.

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When someone opens your referral link, they will be directed to fill out an online application. If your Referral is a brand new customer to DIS SOFTWARE and fulfills all the pre-qualifications.

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When we sign a contract with your Referral, your Referral gets a one-time 3% discount for the services provided by DIS SOFTWARE in accordance with this program, and you get $1000 once the Referral completes the full payment.

How DIS SOFTWARE can help to referal?

Devising a full-scale IT strategy, including digital transformation and introduction of advanced technologies

Planning and development of web, mobile and desktop applications, SaaS products, libraries and APIs.

Application management, modernization, integration, migration, support and security.

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